A Good Morning

I was excited to share about the trip I took two Saturdays ago since I got home, but life delayed this post until now. The plan was to photograph Gold Creek and Ebner falls under cloudy skies with low lying mist, so I expected the weather to be much more cooperative than when I’m wishing for sun. The mixture between conditions I expected and those I didn’t was truly awesome. There were some heavy mists in some of the valleys I passed on the way to Perseverance Trail, but in the midst of the broken higher clouds, I could see a fresh dusting of snow had come down well under three thousand feet the night before. Even before I started hiking, there were signs that the clouds would be giving way, and on my way home, I stopped to photograph young lupine (near the school where I teach) under perfect soft sunlight.

After some time processing and reprocessing these photos, I’m happy for you to get a small piece of that morning. They are pretty difficult to appreciate at web sizes, but maybe they serve as a reminder to be out where you can experience the blessings all around us the next time a morning comes along.

Ebner Spring

Lupine Jewels