Monthly Archive: August, 2009

Supraglacial Flow

Glacier Gallery 2

I’m happy to announce a major update to I’ve added a second page to the Glacier Gallery that feature images ranging from recent highly acclaimed work (NPN Photo of the Month) to… Continue reading

Why I Love Juneau

Returning to the evening I spent atop Thunder Mountain, this stitched panoramic approximates my view of the Mendenhall Valley and beyond. It reminds me of another recent outing I was on with a… Continue reading

More Cave

There’s nothing too extravagant here, just my best effort at a semi-abstract under difficult conditions. I photographed this during my most recent trip to the new cave of the Mendenhall. I hope you… Continue reading

Seeing the Fallen

Smith Rock State Park in Eastern Oregon is a small space packed with dramatically impressive geologic features. Those sheer cliffs and jagged precipices made no small impression on me, but they weren’t what… Continue reading

Personal Goal

I’m simultaneously proud and ashamed that two nights ago, I climbed to the summit of a mountain for the first time in over two years. At the beginning of the summer, I had… Continue reading

Morning in Oneonta

Now that I’ve returned home, I’ll share a few more of the photos I made on my trip to Oregon and southern Washington. It was nice to clear my head outside in between… Continue reading

Take It or Leave It

The time I’ve dedicated to photography here in Oregon has been full of surprises. From the Columbia River Gorge to the coast, the beautiful scenery has come with a twist. Multnomah Falls was… Continue reading

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