Evening at Herbert

The night before I made the photo in the last journal post, I was on a short trip to the Herbert Glacier. After almost an entire weekend of complaining that God wasn’t providing the weather I had hoped for and expected, Sunday night proved to be a time of answered prayers. Everywhere I turned, I was finding subjects and light to photograph that I hadn’t anticipated on this particular night. The Herbert Valley offers, mountains, glacier, silt patterns, river whitewater, a sky open to the setting sun, and some of the best autumn color in all of Juneau’s surrounding area. Every one of those things was in prime condition, and I was in awe as I tried to make the most of my limited time. Night falls quickly this time of year, and my bike ride back to the car was a dark one, but I arrived safely and with a type of satisfaction I only find by experiencing God through nature.

I hope you enjoy these photos despite the fact that the level of detail in some of them is not at all suited to web display. I pray you have time for your own fall experience before winter descends.

Herbert Trees

Herbert Pano

Herbert Silt Patterns