A Closer Look

I went out in search of interesting frost and freeze patterns along the shore of the Mendenhall Lake, but at the end of another gorgeous weekend, foot traffic had basically erased that option. Making my way to the far side of the ice, past most of the skating tracks, I found an abundance of undisturbed beauty. The photo shown here is of a subject I don’t usually get involved with because so many other photographers have already done such a phenomenal job recording similar scenes, but I’m glad I stopped and took a chance. I’m glad because I underappreciated how incredible this small patch of ice really was when I tripped the camera’s shutter. Fortunately, the camera does not make value judgements on what is placed in front of the lens; it faithfully records all the details. Even were I paying close attention, I think a majority of those details would be missed by my naked eye, but when I began the processing of this image, the glorious intricacies jumped off the screen. I wish there was a way to share a large print here on this journal. I’m eager to make one, and I imagine that is the only way this city of bubbles will be fully appreciated.