Monthly Archive: January, 2010

Highlights of 2009 Pt.4

To uncover something new is a glorious enterprise, even if it is only new to you. Now I am not an explorer or even an adventurous type when it comes right down to… Continue reading

Highlights of 2009 Pt.3

On special mornings like the one when this photo was made, some people feel a strong connection to nature. As I leaned over these young lupine plants bathed in light that was just… Continue reading

Highlights of 2009 Pt.2

Well the snow never quite came hard enough to keep a day of work at bay, but I still had time to go through some of the year’s RAW files and finish processing… Continue reading

Highlights of 2009 Pt.1

I’ve decided to follow the model of countless other “blogging photographers” and put together a list of the photographic highlights from the last year. I have no plans to rank them, and instead… Continue reading

Welcome 2010!

It’s been far too long since my last entry, and I have a back-log of things I was planning to share. I still don’t quite feel like I have time to put together… Continue reading

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