Highlights of 2009 Pt.1

"Tiny Explorer" - Della at the Brotherhood Bridge Trailhead

I’ve decided to follow the model of countless other “blogging photographers” and put together a list of the photographic highlights from the last year. I have no plans to rank them, and instead of the norm, which is to include a list in a single post, I’ll be adding photographs separately so that I can take some time to talk about each one. I may choose to showcase a favorite image, a personal experience, a new style, or whatever else comes to me. I’m not sure yet, but I’m sure it’s going to be fun for me, and I hope you enjoy it as well.

While I already stated there would be no particular order, Della (my 18-month old daughter) has been without a doubt the premier highlight of my year. The smiles never stop, and she continues to surprise me with her new fun traits and ideas. One of God’s greatest blessings is the opportunity to be a parent, especially Della’s dad. While we can have a good time almost anywhere, I treasure the time my little family spends in the wild, beautiful places around our home. Most of the time, photography takes a back seat, but on this trip to the Brotherhood Bridge Trail, I set out intending to get pictures of my own tiny Patagonia gear model. Photographing a young child has proven to be great practice for if I ever decide to get seriously into the wildlife genre. Della definitely tested the limits of my experience, but it was always a blast.

…anyway, I could probably go on about this subject indefinitely, but I’ll wrap things up. Hopefully I’ll have a second installment of this “highlights” series up in the not too distant future. If the snow keeps up tonight, it could even be tomorrow.