Highlights of 2009 Pt.6

"Rock Dump" - along the upper portion of Falls Creek Trail on the way to Green Lake

Getting ready to head out of town in a few days reminds me of how I always relish the opportunities I have to travel. Part of the draw comes from the knack I have for turning most trips into an opportunity for experiencing and photographing new places. My summer trip to Oregon was a perfect example as I sandwiched a week of AP Calculus training between trips to the Gorge and the eastern side of the state. While hiking back from Green Lake in the Three Sisters area (it was to dark to notice much on the way in), I stopped to marvel at the boulders in the above image. Coming from a place where geology has more to do with ice than magma, I’m always fascinated by the shapes and colors of igneous rocks. Not only were the boulders in this spot interesting on an individual level, the way they were piled together and spread over the ground really spurred the imagination. I hope it’s not long before I’m captivated by another place I’m visiting for the first time.