Ebner Perspective

"Down Ebner" - a view over the edge of the bottom half of Ebner Falls

Ebner falls is actually a series of separate waterfalls and cascades over a section of Gold Creek. You don’t really understand how many parts it has until you’re standing in the middle of it. Approach options are quite limited, but the relatively low water levels (what spurred my recent visits) afforded some unique vantage points. When Gold Creek is churning at full force, the resulting spray blows through the gorge around the falls, giving the rocks a treacherous coating. Under the current conditions, I was able to scramble over some mossy boulder and squeeze under the roots of a downed tree to peer all the way down to the pool where the creek flattens out again. Contrary to the title of this entry, the accompanying photograph’s black and white treatment actually takes some emphasis off the perspective and focuses more attention on textures. The lack of color makes it a little bit difficult to pick up on the variations in depth, so abstract ideas of line and shape are also emphasized. Still, I added contrast to the most distant rocks (at the bottom of the waterfall) to at least encourage the viewer to consider the extremes of the literal subject. Enjoy the view!