Under the Surface

"Picture Perfect" - a view like a postcard back across the Mendenhall Lake from the glacier

I’ve been outside less, creating new photographs less, and thinking about what photography means to me even more. It’s an unusual combination that results from end of school year stress, a mesmerizing daughter, and plans to teach two photography classes starting in the fall. It is serendipitous that my two favorite photos from a recent outing seem to parallel a musing on photography that has been circling my mind. What kind of imagery do I value the most? Do I and the viewers of my photos differ in that regard? Should I reevaluate what makes photographs important to me in light of other people’s responses? Wading through the answers to these question is more difficult than it may first appear, and so I’ll leave that for another time…if there is ever enough time.

"Blue Embers" - mud streaked ice under the glacier that resembles a charred log glowing blue instead of red