Finally a New Post

"Reversing Time" - cave and stream under the Mendenhall Glacier

It’s unusual in the realm of digital photography that a couple of hours spent on location results in only two images being recorded. It’s unusual, but then again, so is everything else about a place locked under ice that is a hundred feet thick and thousands of years old. To say that light levels are low would be an enormous understatement, and so these photos are a tribute to both the photographic medium and the human eye. A visitor is fully able to perceive the beauties of the place while distracting elements within a scene are lost in the dimness. The camera, through the use of exposures stretching up near ten minutes and potentially beyond, is able to unleash a wealth of intricate and splendid details. The challenge to the artist is to merge these two disparate points of view within cramped quarters and with failing sight. While successful compositions are difficult to muster under the conditions, the lengthy exposure times (with the related long-exposure noise reduction) offer just a handful of chances. Fortunately, the sheer spectacle of the environment allows viewers to overlook small imperfections in the photographer to enjoy the magic of the cave.

"Dark Stream" - a long exposure deep under the Mendenhall Glacier