Taku Weekend

I was invited to take a trip up the Taku River this past weekend, and since the adjacent glacier has been on my list of must-visit location for several years now, it was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. The visit proved to be so packed with adventure that a narrative describing it would be far to long to fit the format of this blog. Instead, though it doesn’t include the moose sighting or glacier calving, I think a photo essay will best sum up the experience.

"Taku Trip #1" - to have a cabin in this spot is still unbelievable to me

"Taku Trip #2" - Corey and I wait at the cabin and watch the air-boat take its first trip of the weekend up the river

"Taku Trip #3" - while the Taku Glacier looms in the background, some longer shutter speeds illustrate the way this boat skims through the shallow water and land

"Taku Trip #4" - these silly fledgeling geese did circles around our stop on this marshy creek for over ten minutes

"Taku Trip #5" - in an area surrounded by breathtaking and jagged peaks, these two mountains were my favorite of the trip

"Taku Trip #6" - it was so odd to look off the end of a glacier and see massive spruce trees just a few feet away

"Taku Trip #7" - gigantic crevasses on the Hole In the Wall Glacier led to no shortage of tense moments during our traverse

"Taku Trip #8" - probably the most remarkable and strange ice formation I've ever seen, this spire must have been a remnant of a huge arch

"Taku Trip #9" - Corey down-climbs from his perch in the pair of "eyes" high on the wall of ice

"Taku Fire" - a favorite local flower, dwarf fireweed plants spread across the sandy plain at the foot of the Hole In the Wall Glacier

"Taku Trip #10" - a full boat cruises just off the edge of the Taku Glacier, "posing" for pictures

"Taku Trip #11" - this small section of the massive terminous of the Taku had regular calvings that we were lucky to witness a couple of times

"Taku Trip #12" - sunny skies bid us farewell before a two our boat ride back to Douglas Harbor