Vision Check

While undergoing preparations to teach photography to high school students again this fall, I’ve been rereading “Mountain Light” by Galen Rowell. The book deeply inspired me during my first reading, and on the second go round, I’ve discovered an abundance of poignant thought, profound statements, and stimulating quotes. In many instances the book reminded me of ways I view the world differently from the writer, and I began reevaluating what I consider to be successful imagery and why. In some ways, Mr. Rowell held his photographic process to a much higher standard than I do, but I’m sure in still other ways the levels are reversed. Looking back through my catalog of photographs (or at least their RAW beginnings), I wanted to discover whether there were adventures or outings where I had passed over an image that illustrates my personal connection with the world in favor of ones I expected to appeal to others. I haven’t determined where this process will take me, but I imagine it will produce fruit of some kind or another.

"Lower Basin" - the sun creeps over the top and around the back of Thunder Mountain with the Mendenhall Glacier in the distance