Learning Job’s Lesson

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the chapters at the end of the book of Job where God responds to Job’s complaints by directing his attention to the grand nature of the world around him. The natural world has long been a reminder to me of nearly all God’s divine qualities, but while visiting the Taku Glacier area, I began developing my own “verses” modeled after those found in Job. Those thoughts are still evolving, and they carry a personal flavor, with an opening line of something like, “Who filled the icefield with snow…” Another thought revolves around the idea of tending the stands of spruce that populate ledges amongst sheer mountain cliff faces, and that reminded me of this photograph from an early summer morning. I’m continually awed by God’s handiwork, and hopefully this writing project will see completion. Until then…

"Who Tends the Spruce" - Sitka Spruce and other vegetation cling to the sheer cliffs on the flanks of Mt. Sroller White