Chang of Pace and a New Place

"New Wall Climb #2" - without a lot of opportunity for vertical movement, Corey kept busy on the overhung lower section of this wall

Where else can you boulder on previously untouched rock with a thundering waterfall and cool blue glacier as a backdrop for photos? If there is a silver lining on the cloud of rapid glacial melting, it must be opportunities like these. While this wall of rock was exposed by the receding Mendenhall over a year ago, a raging torrent of water surged beneath it (from under the nearby glacier) up until the last few days. The day immediately following my last visit to the area, ice melted, and the course of one of Juneau’s biggest waterfalls shifted by about a hundred feet. In the cool of the long Juneau fall, where the sun found us for less than a minute of the several hours we were there, I can’t imagine a better place to…live.

"New Wall Climb #7" - Corey stops, unsure where to go next, before making a couple more moves