A Second Try

"Sub-alpine Garden" - an assortment of recognizable leaves surround a cluster of tiny and delicate flowers somewhere along the Perseverance Trail

A little over a year ago, my attempts to combat the remarkably high contrast within this very softly lit scene were hampered by my propensity to develop predominantly brighter images and my tendency to think in color first. While the arrangement of shapes pleased me, the slightly shallow depth of field and the difficult processing caused me to move on to other images. I came across the photo again the other day as I was scanning my catalog for a project. Time and the experiences of life tend to reshape the way I think (which I imagine is true for just about everybody). I’ve recently revisited the location where this photo was made, renewing my passion for all aspects of a trip to Granite Basin. For whatever reason, low-key monochrome seemed the perfect answer for the scene the moment it appeared on the screen. From there, the version presented here came together quite quickly, and even if there might be more time invested in this photo, I’m confident it will be very worthwhile.