Winter Returns

After a week of fairly heavy rain, Friday began what promises to be a stretch of clear, cold, winter weather. On Saturday I was back at the lake for sunrise and on the ice again in the last of the afternoon light. While I enjoy the mountains, coastlines, and forest trails; this winter has been dedicated to Mendenhall Lake, its icebergs, and the glacier of the same name. Every year, the area wears a new face over its more sustained character. I want to relearn to recognize and appreciate it through my photography, and yesterday was another step in the process. I’m not quite where I aim to be, but I do get the feeling that I’m getting close – almost as if I’m approaching near enough to hear some whispered message. I’ll keep you posted.


"Stacked Berg" - how a block of ice, enormous in its own right, comes to be resting on top of another in the manner that this one was, I may never understand - the quality and combination of light was a treat