Fleeting Opportunity

While out on the lake yesterday, I met a guy working on a film to document the unique opportunities for adventure, discovery, recreation, and observation of natural beauty afforded by the Mendenhall Glacier. We talked about the potential for the glacier to recede from the lake in the coming years, and even how neither of us might have the chance to revisit the phenomenal location where we chanced to meet each other. I was photographing under an iceberg in an enormous cavern that had not been there at all at the time of my last visit, a mere two and a half weeks earlier. My speculation is that the recent single digit temperature and thick lake ice were slowing the roll of this berg that otherwise might have happened overnight instead of over the course of weeks. The other visitor was ice climbing some remnants of moulins and other nearby cracks in the ice with his camera attached to the slick walls by a chassis fitted with an ice screw (a pretty genius set-up). I helped him get some video of a roughly fifty foot repel from a precipice on a corner of the giant iceberg. I regret not getting some more documentary images from outside the cavern, but I just wasn’t thinking in that way at the time. I was soaking in a once in a lifetime view.


"Yawning Portal" - the opening at the end of a thirty foot tall electric blue cavern provides a view back into the real world