Going Higher

Yesterday afternoon, I met up with Alan Gordon and a friend of his as they worked on a film to document ice climbing on the Mendenhall Glacier. Their location near the medial moraine was about as high as I had ever trekked on the glacier during the winter, but it provided a spectacular view of the terminus and some nice pitches for climbing. Sunset was in progress shortly after I arrived, so the light in the photos of some of Alan’s free climbing was really sweet. Down on the lake (before I started up), the sun was lighting up the larger icebergs into a brilliant turquoise. I worked on that for a while, but the images needed more processing than I had time to put in before posting this. Thanks for reading/viewing, and have a great week!


"Winter Climb #1" - Alan reaches across a gap after coming down from a very exposed perch to his left


"Winter Climb #2" - the glacier was covered in a few inches of frozen rain and meltwater, which resulted in a great reflection


"Winter Climb #3" - the tiny black dots near the top of the photo (people) give some sense of the immense scale of this landscape; the smaller back entrance to the tunnel where "Yawning Portal" was made can be seen in the larges berg


"Winter Climb #4" - climbing with the assistance of a headlamp (mostly for effect)