Ups and Downs

"Spring Glacier" - spring is an interesting time on the surface of the glacier, with soft snow drifts and large pools of melt-water

After a long break from posting, it starts to feel harder to develop a worthy update. I don’t feel like this is one, but perhaps it will break the barrier and I can get back to a little more consistency. My trip out to the glacier last Friday night was full of highs and lows, the lowest of which was dropping one of my brand new ice tools down a crevasse as I was on my way off the glacier. There’s a 99.9% chance I’ll never see that again.

On the other hand, my first time using the tools was a real thrill. Though climbing with no rope and no partner meant I was limited to fairly safe routes (for an example, follow this link), I still got my  heart rate up and left my muscles aching all the next day. In the end, lesson learned, and I’ll be looking into tethering the tools to myself in some way the next time out.

"Original Tools" - this happy family of gear was only together for a short time before I dropped one of the ice tools down a crevasse on its first night out