A Morning Like This

Midway through last week I would have told anyone that the chances of an Easter sunrise in Juneau were slim to none. Yet, I was out of bed around 4:30 this morning and driving to find a spot where the dawn would be observable. Juneau’s position amongst the mountains delays any actual view of the sun by hours unless you’ve put in the time and effort to gain considerable elevation, so I settled for a perspective from Thane Road that let me watch the summit of Mt. Jumbo and the surrounding mountains of Douglas Island as they reflected first light.

In many ways, there was little similarity between resurrection morning and the one I spent listening to Keith Green sing the Easter Song on my iPhone while recording HD video of snowy mountains. Still, each sunrise has the potential to remind us of God’s great gift of life through Christ. The knowledge of the empty tomb and all it signifies has a power to shape every day of our lives…if we only let it.

"Easter Morning" - sunrise on Mt. Jumbo