Sedona Evening

A few hours after my return to Phoenix from Yosemite, I was back on the road heading toward Sedona. I “let” my brother (Kirk) drive, and we were at our destination in relatively short order. Our hike was short enough that we had to find various ways of amusing ourselves while I waited for the sun to sink in the clear blue sky. Without a doubt, the highlight of the trip for me was the flowering agave plants, but it wasn’t so simple to orchestrate a photograph. I would have like to photograph the flowers (on stalks reaching up over ten feet) from a ledge that gained me an eye-level view, but I was also certain that they needed to be isolated against a clear background for the image to be successful. Just as I found the best compromise in vantage point, a hummingbird flew in to inspect the blossoms. In the few frames I recorded before he left, there was only one in which he wasn’t a complete blur (sharpness is quite good in the head/eye/beak in this image). Hustling back to the car and topping off the night with a fabulous dinner at Ken’s Creekside Restaurant, it was a highly satisfying trip even without an overload of imagery.

"Agave Flowers and Hummingbird" - these were two unexpected treats mingled in with the Sedona red rock