Intrinsic Motivation

It seems that almost anywhere I turn there’s an expectation that I be taking more photographs of my lovely daughter. I couldn’t begin to argue, but for some reason, it has always been challenging for me to keep up in that regard. My new plan (at least for the summer months) is to combine my daughter photography time with nature photography time by getting the whole family outside in photogenic locations, attire, and light. The most recent escapade was spurred by the fact that some of our extended family would be picnicking on Mt. Roberts after a tram ride. I convinced Breea and Della to hike up instead, but Della really didn’t take much convincing. From the moment she got her feet on the trail, she was dedicated to achieving her ascent with as little assistance as possible, despite the fact that half the steps built into the trail came up past her waist. Occasionally that fierce independence can really make a dad proud.

"A Good Place to Grow #3" - Della cruises the boardwalk during her ascent of roughly 1500ft of the Mt Roberts trail

I’m a long way from feeling comfortable with this genre of photography. My percentage of “successful” images from any trip is way down compared to what I would expect from a landscape focused outing, but I don’t regret a single moment of the pursuit.