Coastal Calm (Shrine of St. Therese)

"Shrine Humpback" - whales took multiple passes near the shore where I was standing, sometimes close enough to fill the length of my photo with their arching backs

"Shrine Clouds" - a more subtle beauty, but the sky did not disappoint on this evening


A last minute decision (and the okay from Breea) resulted in a grand couple of hours at the coast near the Shrine of St. Therese. A bounty of humpbacks was the unexpected highlight, and the sky produced a spectacular variety of clouds and colors. There were whales feeding just off shore, and it was just possible to make out the “bubble netting” of a pod across the water by Shelter Island. My inspiration for heading out in the first place was clouds that reminded me of the William Neil photo at the bottom of this journal post by Guy Tal. The composition of “Shrine Clouds” is modeled after these photos by Patrick Endres that I recently viewed.