How’s This for an Answer?

Of course, not every day is one for being immersed in photography, which is kind of what I felt I would need in order to take the first exposures in my new direction (see “A New Beginning”). Yesterday, I had in my mind that I would leave my family at home and explore some opportunities in Juneau’s large and blooming fireweed fields. I also had some specific concepts to work on that had come to mind during recent Bible studies, but the weather did not cooperate. It was too sunny.

The growing sunshine attracted Breea’s attention, and even though Della expressed her desire to sit on the couch all morning while I tried to drop some subtle hints about my plan, she was determined to have her family act like a family. To my credit, I did ACT like that was fine with me, but I was still harboring some disappointment. When we arrived at the wetlands, I took off on my own to attempt some compositions that proved impossible do to the great height of the flowers. Thought I forced the issue for a while, guilt eventually brought me back to Della’s side (even though Breea said I need not have felt any).

Della had already made herself at home – almost literally. She loves to pretend that natural places are her “home” and designate various spots as specific rooms. During the time I was following her around with the camera, she directed her mom to a space in the grass, which was the bathroom.

“That’s the one for boys, and that’s the one for girls. The toilets don’t have any flushers…they’re automatic.”

I started to feel embarrassed that I had hoped to avoid being a part of this outing, even though I later admitted my prior agenda to Breea. In the end, Della and I were as unwilling to leave the fireweed as we had been to been to leave the house. Reviewing the images after uploading, I could hardly believe I nearly missed this chance. Without the extra time that I’ve spent recently reading and praying about following God’s direction, I think I probably would have gone down the wrong path, following what I thought was best for me.

I don’t have much practice with “photo essays”, but the collection of images from Della’s adventure are pretty fun to view as a group. I hope you enjoy them.

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