Morning in the Big Flow

The morning after my trip to Smith Rock State Park, another predawn drive took me to the Big Obsidian Flow near Paulina Lake in the Newberry National Volcanic Monument. Even from the car and partially in the dark, the whole area is a supremely attractive natural setting with beautiful forests, ponds, creeks, lakes and peaks. Of course the main attractions, as is the case with so many locations around central Oregon, were the remnants of volcanic activity. While the majority of the Big Obsidian Flow is actually light and dark pumice, I was able to compose some photos that highlighted the intriguing patches of obsidian under a sky colored by the Earth’s shadow. Dawn is the perfect time to get the sensation of exploration, and I was certainly caught up in a setting that was completely new to me.

"Black Glass Sunrise" - sprinkled over the harsh igneous landscape, the small pine trees were completely unexpected

"Obsidian Colors" - the colors in this obsidian study have been dramatized to highlight the aesthetic qualities of this rock