I’ve been reading the twelfth chapter of Romans this week. It’s the one that begins with the line about making yourself a living sacrifice. I guess that’s what I’ve been trying to do with my pursuit of photography lately – lay it down at the feet of God. It’s not just about photography either, since I return to my “real job” tomorrow. As a teacher, it should be even easier to turn to God for direction each day. I spend so much of my time desperate for any evidence of success in helping students learn, and yet, I consistently go about doing things my own way. I think we’re all afraid of what will happen if we give up the control we think that we have.

"Sun on my Shoulders" - the realization of how I could respond to this landscape and light was nothing short of providential; I knew it was special for me, but it has been a surprise to discover how the photograph resonates with other photographers

Perhaps my experiment with artistic endeavors can be a springboard for offering other aspects of my life to God’s control. I’ve been truly blessed though the process of being more deliberate in trying to see what God wants me to see, even if their haven’t been any definitive “lightning strike” moments. The photographic results of my limited time investments have been a true blessing, with some of my most heavily viewed images being created in the last couple months. I don’t want to compartmentalize God’s grace, so my prayer tonight is that He would work through me in exciting ways in the workplace tomorrow and throughout the entire school-year.