A New Adventure

Five years and a couple months after I first gave it some thought, I’m finally about to embark into the world of stock photography. I’m excited, but there’s also a fair amount of trepidation involved. How big are the changes I’m going to have to make in order to meet the demands of the market, and how far am I willing to stretch, and how much time am I willing to pour into this effort? These are questions that I’ll have to try to find answers for at the same time I’m getting back into the classroom. Not the best timing on my part, but it was beginning to feel like a “now or never” sort of deal.

While it certainly hasn’t been all fluff and sunshine, my interactions with Alaska Stock have convinced me that I’m making this transition with a great partner. Best of all, I believe God is opening this door, and He has been confirming that through my correspondence with agency owner, Jeff Schultz. At the same time, I’ve felt the need to pray that God will keep me focused on Him in spite of the pressures associated with this new photographic pursuit.

"Downstream" - I wonder if there's much of a market for photos of bald guys; I have pretty easy access to one of those