Love What You Get

As Corey and I pedaled briskly over the Herbert River Trail (one of the best/easiest rides in town), the last light of day was gradually lifting up from the river, to the glacier, to the tops of the mountains, and finally into the clouds. In the end, we missed most of it, catching only glimpses through the trees. Fortunately that didn’t keep either of us from being awed by features of the landscape. The upper Herbert River, where it is withing view of the Herbert Glacier, is a familiar site to many Juneau residents, and yet each day, in each season, brings its own unique twist. I for one, will never have had my fill of it.

I’ve remarked to friends a couple of times in the last few weeks that I find it possible to appreciate the way Juneau’s wilderness almost always seems to be holding something back. Predominantly the result of foul weather (if there really is such a thing), the pieces are rarely aligned. Peak fall color or summer flowers, colorful light, time free of other obligations, and a break in the clouds all come and go on their own, very seldom showing up at your door together. What if it was easy? What if you could say, “On such and such day, I will go out and camp for a week,” without fearing the potential for the rains to come and wash away all your best laid plans? I think it would be too easy, and I think it would be just a little bit harder to picture spending the rest of my life here.


"Night Begins" - light fades from the sky above the rushing water of the Herbert River