Meeting Expectations

"First Descent" - early autumn snow crowns the peak of Mt. Stroller White

As I’ve already mentioned in my previous post, last Saturday’s trip onto the Mendenhall was phenomenal. It was incredibly visually stimulating, and one would suspect that I might have returned with a variety of extremely satisfying images. In actuality, it has been difficult to find a single scenic photo that suits my taste. There is little doubt that I have high standards for the photographs I’m willing to share, but in spite of that, there has never been any guarantee that the photos deemed to exemplify my ideal presentation of the landscape will make much of an impact with viewers. It can be quite discouraging to think that after the struggle to meet my own expectations, the product I have to offer may fall flat with its intended audience.

That is why it has been such a relief to me on the occasions in which I’ve turned my photography over to God. When I’m following His direction, I don’t have to worry about what viewers will take away from my photographs, and I don’t even have to worry so much what I will think about them. I trust God to accomplish his plan through me when I have surrendered myself to Him.

"Heralding Winter"