Last Gasp of Fall

In order that I might have no reservations toward being a dutiful husband today on my lovely wife’s birthday, I stole some time last night for another visit to the upper Herbert River area. More of the leaves had turned since a couple of weekends ago, but the severe storms we’ve had have also taken their toll. With a fairly significant frost this morning, it seems clear that Autumn is practically over around here. Still, it was a gorgeous and tranquil night. Big shifts in the path of the river uncovered some wonderful patches of sculpted silt, which is the featured subject of this post’s photo. I made it right before packing up my camera and hurrying back to my bike, long after the sun had gone down and nearly all color had left the sky. The highly reflective surface of the silt picked up the deep, night sky blue in place of its typical neutral tones.

There are more photos from the trip to share I think, but they will all take more time to prepare than did this one. Until they’re ready, have a great start to your week!

"Molten Night" - glowing blue under the light of the night sky, this silt appears almost to be moving across the ground