Variation on Mud

As you may have already noticed, I’m always looking for silt while visiting the Herbert River. Sometimes the right conditions (shifts in the river’s path or level) have planted fascinating patches all over the place, and sometimes there’s nothing to be found. While my most recent trip did include finding a couple nice sections further downstream, I wasn’t having any luck where the river flows over the smooth granite bedrock. That is, I wasn’t having any luck until I noticed these wonderful ripples hidden underneath this shallow pool. In this case, I was provided with an opportunity to try something different than what I’ve done in the past. Instead of isolating the patterns in a small section of silt, I tried to contrast the main pool with another, further away, that featured a clean and colorful reflection. At the same time, the hint of fall foliage at the back is set against the cool blue of the granite under a clear sky. I hope you enjoy it.

"Insight and Reflection" - several ideas are combined within this wide-angled but intimate view