Real Life

I might be in the minority of landscape photographer’s when I say that time alone in the natural world, unspoiled by human “progress”, it not a requirement to experience a full and meaningful life. I love getting away and building a personal connection with God’s world, but I don’t hold to the opinion that people who don’t do that are sad, deprived, and misguided. What do I think is essential to a life of joy? I think the true purpose we have is getting honestly and heavily involved in relationships. Of course, our relationship with God has an incomparable value, but that friendship just drives us deeper into others. As far as family relationships go, there are few so rewarding to witness than those between grandchild and grandparent. This is especially true when the grandchild is your own daughter, and the grandparent is your own mom or dad.


"Della and Gramps" - the best way to travel around the Alaska Wildlife Concervation Center