Visual Verses #3

“The earth takes shape like clay under a seal; its features stand out like those of a garment.” – Job 38:14

The book of Job has long been a favorite of mine, especially the part in the closing chapters where God questions Job. Today’s verse comes from one of those passages where God is establishing his sovereignty and forcing Job to measure himself against the wisdom and power of God.

My understanding is that the comments about the clay and the garment are meant to illustrate how the whole world bears the impression of its maker. Each admirable quality of the Earth and the life it carries is truly a result of that same quality within God’s nature. He creates the gentleness in the mist out of his own gentleness. At the same time, the sturdy rock walls contain only a fraction of God’s unchanging permanence. The perseverance of trees perched high on an inhospitable slope is a reminder of His perfect faithfulness. “The [whole] earth takes shape like clay under a seal…”

The accompanying photo was made during my one visit to Tracy Arm, and it came to mind as I pondered how best to illustrate the verse this week. High ISO and some leveling were necessary to compensate for the fact that the image was recorded from a moving boat, but the quality of the file did not suffer much due to the advances in modern DSLR sensors. Whether or not we’re experiencing remote and dramatic wildernesses, God’s creation surrounds us and reminds us of who He is…and will be.


"Built Without Hands"