Visual Verses #8

“The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned.” – Isaiah 9:2

I remember when I read through the book of Isaiah last year as part of my daily devotional in a “one year” Bible. I knew that the book contained some of the most famous old-testament prophecies about the life of Jesus, but I was not prepared for the context in which they are presented. Isaiah seems to be focused on a specific agenda, and then all of a sudden, a crystal clear reference to Jesus, the Messiah, is made. I believe it required having your heart led by the Holy Spirit in order to read with a sense of awe, instead of coming away scratching your head.

During this past week, as part of Advent, I’ve been reading verses from the ninth chapter of Isaiah. The words of the second verse reminded me of two different songs, the more well know of which is “O Come, O Come, Emanuel”. Themes of “darkness” and “light” always stand out to a photographer, especially one closing in on the darkest days of winter. The way that Jesus transforms hearts and is the very basis of our spiritual existence can be illustrated beautifully when he is called “the Light of the world”.

Arriving on location for morning photography usually means being surrounded by a cool light that practically borders on melancholy. The sensation is further enhanced when the weather is equally chilly. It’s not that the night isn’t beautiful, but there’s something absolutely indescribable about watching the first light of day take hold of a landscape. This simple composition is utterly dependent on the transitioning light for its success, which is not that different from the way Jesus brings us to life when he rises in our hearts.

"Come Thou Dayspring"