Kelso Dunes

My lone “exotic location” visit during my spring break trip was to the Kelso Dunes of the Mojave National Preserve. My primary reason for choosing the Kelso Dunes was a desire to find the wonderful forms and lines provided by sand without having to travel too far. It turns out that while I allowed ample time for the early morning drive, I also needed to anticipate a fairly grueling climb to one of the highest points in the dune field. Even after reaching the top, it appeared that the best the Kelso Dunes have to offer was well out of reach in my time frame. I made two photos…and thoroughly enjoyed myself thanks to the fact that my mom had agreed to accompany me in spite of the early start time. While the Eureka Dunes of Death Valley are much easier to respond to with a camera, we probably wouldn’t have had the entire place to ourselves, and it was a great view.

"Over Kelso Dunes (BW)" - a great view of light and shadows and more light and shadows on the sand

"Over Kelso Dunes" - the light of early morning begins to touch the Kelso Dunes while long shadows from the tallest dunes linger in the scene