Waking with the Sun

"Waking with the Sun" - with a very shallow depth of field, most of the subjects in this image are more implied than revealed


In Juneau, the first days of spring are often accompanied by “warmer” weather and perhaps even some sunshine. But in spite of that change, the regrowth of vegetation from winter’s dormancy is a long time in coming. When I travel over spring break, as I almost always do, I love to go somewhere I can witness new life. My great grandparent’s farm (to which I traveled this spring) has become primarily the memory of a farm, but it is a very fond memory. This scene from near the property seemed to be coming to life in the morning light. The combination of dawn and spring as metaphors for resurrection wasn’t on my mind when I made the image a week and a half ago, but it definitely came to my attention as I prepared the photo for presentation yesterday (Palm Sunday).