Return to Herbert Glacier

“Herbert Valley” – this clear creek sparkled in the bright sky-light just after the sun dipped behind the mountains

It was a perfect day to visit the Herbert Glacier, so I did. There was no way to know if the light and sky would do what I hoped they would during the special time of transition between day and night, so I made the best I could with the light I had each moment that I was there. It was a good thing I didn’t wait. The Herbert River, as is natural for this time of year, was ferocious in its steeper sections. The dwarf fireweed plants, more surprisingly, were just on the edge of blooming. In the sun, it was pleasantly warm, but only in the sun. Like I said before, it was perfect.

“Initial Succession” – not so slowly, moss and plants spring to life in areas so recently buried under tons of ice

“Leading Layers” – brilliant green cottonwoods and alders replace a sky that never caught much of the evening light