Only Day Two

Sometimes you’re rewarded just for showing up – just for being willing to put down the computer and enjoy the world that has been created. When I left work and headed to the coast, I knew I could be completely content with just a little bit of light. I knew I was looking for a place at the water’s edge, but providence allowed me to stop (out of several options) at precisely the location where I would be able to witness the fullness of a show of light that was far beyond my expectations. I had the idea that the intersection of rocks and water might lead into my photo, but it took a while for me to stumble upon the rocks in this image. They seemed to have been laid out for the sole purpose of moving eyes from foreground to background. Just stand there surrounded by a splendid evening (3:00 pm) and look for the look for the most savory piece. That’s it!

The Reward