Monthly Archive: April, 2013

Finding the Fleeting Edge

You’ll often hear photographers talking about “edges” when they list things that have potential to produce engaging and meaningful imagery. Edges come in all forms, from the almost overemphasized edges of the day… Continue reading

Joy in Anticipation

The other day I read that “joy” and “trust” are inseparable. I don’t know if I could wholeheartedly endorse that notion. It seems possible to me to experience joy in a moment, but… Continue reading

New Gallery: Other Glacial Valleys

I’ve added a new page to the image galleries. This one features photographs that are predominantly from the Herbert Glacier area, but there are also a few photos from Tracey Arm and the… Continue reading

The Universe and Human Existence

The northern lights are undeniably one of our planet’s most glorious and awe inspiring natural phenomena. Acts of terror that result in the murder of innocent children are as vile and horrific as… Continue reading

Gratitude Vector

Suppose I awoke one morning to find that my old, heavily used, somewhat abused bicycle (the one I have ridden to work and back every day for the last five years) was gone,… Continue reading

Joy in the Light

There’s something about light. It is energy, and it is warmth. In a very literal way, light is life here on Earth. While one can hardly believe it’s possible, light is even much… Continue reading

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