Look and See

Last night, as I looked forward to a weeks worth of wonderful weather, I was struck by a perplexing thought. I have no doubt that I’ll be looking for the beauty in the world around me in the coming days. A natural disposition and the training of photography make me confident that I will not let even the small blessings pass me by. What perplexes me is that I can look right at the message and not see the Truth. How many times have I looked into the night sky in awe of the array of stars but not wondered at the vastness of God? How often have I listened to a rushing stream tumble under ice and misty air but not contemplated God’s creative brilliance? How often have I felt my arms wrap around my daughter but not considered that God is holding us both in his hand?

The answer to these questions and many more like them is: too often! In fact, I almost never fail to look without seeing when the beauty is right there in front of me. Last night I wondered: is it easier to see God in the rain? The desperately poor people of the world seem to prove that it is. Those of them that know God tend to exhibit a joy that is inexplicable unless it originates in the state of knowing Him. Even Jesus made it clear that riches (be they in the form of wealth, health, fame, friends, natural surroundings, or a loving family) are a stumbling block on the road to a life changing understand of who God really is and how He loves you. But what are we saying? Is the implication that we would be better off if God’s glory and his goodness were less evident? Nonsense! It’s not the world around me that needs changing. People with vision impairments need corrective lenses. If I’m going to see, it’s me that needs to change.

The trouble is, I’ve know about this issue for years, and I’ve yet to change myself. The good news is, God’s power through Jesus Christ is sufficient to give me sight, no matter how spiritually blind I was born. And seeing matters. Please believe me when I say that I have never felt the level of peace on a calm day at the coast as I feel in knowing that a loving God watches over my wife and daughter while I’m away. I’ve never known the same inspiration watching a rainbow form over an iceberg filled lake as I’ve know while contemplating that God made me for a purpose. Really seeing makes all the difference in life.

Beyond Daylight

Looking back at photographs that I’ve made in incredible places, especially ones that I know I will visit again, gives me an opportunity to SEE what was there in front of me. It also gives me an opportunity to prepare for the next time. I have to remember that I don’t see on my own. I need help. In the coming week, I pray that God will help me to really see when I’m looking at the grandeur of Juneau on a sunny day. I pray that he’ll do the same for you.