The gorgeous weather that has been almost commonplace in Alaska this summer made the first day of my trip up to Anchorage a smashing success. Flight 65’s window seats offered spectacular views of Glacier Bay, the Malaspina Glacier, College Fjord, and much more. I’m looking forward to a trip out of Whittier in the coming days, but I’m also thinking back on a great day in Juneau yesterday. After several previous attempts to photograph the newly opened portions of the cave under the Mendenhall Glacier, I finally made at least one new photograph I’m interested in sharing. I don’t think this image is going to be a part of a permanent portfolio, but it showcases a very interesting ice feature, a giant opening to the surface above that acts as a skylight.

Skylight #1

I also found some very photogenic bubbles trapped in the cave’s ice walls, but those images will have to wait for further refinement and sharing until after I return home from Anchorage. I also probably won’t be very active here on the TKM Journal until that time. I hope your August gets off to a great start.