You Never Know

Cloud Trails

Just over a week ago, the weather forecast changed at the last minute to predict clouds and rain on a day my brother-in-law and I were scheduled for a late-season hike. The “window forecast” still looked pretty good through the morning, so we decided to head for the end of the West Glacier Trail. While he was driving to the valley, Daniel could see the crummy weather piled up to the northwest of us. Would it head our way and soak us on the trail? That was a risk we were willing to accept, and as it turns out, the clouds came nowhere near us. The closest they got was a fascinating trail of clouds that slowly crept up the east side of the glacier’s valley (as seen in the accompanying photographs). Then, after a few minutes, they turned and followed basically the same path back out of the valley. It really was interesting to watch, and all the while, the light was gorgeous. In the end, the short trip yielded a surprising number of photographs that I’ve enjoyed sharing (more to come) and provided an opportunity for great conversations in a sublime location. It just goes to show that you often can’t foresee how you’ll be blessed if you’ll simply take that first step out the door.

Unexpected Clouds