Tracy Arm – Ford’s Terror Wilderness: Day 3

Kayakers and Steep Falls

It was impossible for the weather during my stay in Endicott Arm not to factor into how often I was carrying my camera with me or when I was willing to bring it out and expose it to the elements. Making photographs from the back of a tandem kayak is possible but certainly challenging. Like the ever increasing hikes during which I carry my photography gear only to have my camera sit safely within my backpack for the entire trip, I have no regret surrounding the days I spent taking very few photographs and doing little to no journaling in the midst of the wild landscape. The image above was one of seven exposures I made at this particular location. They ended up being the only non-cell phone records I made on the first full day in the wilderness. But my freedom from the camera enabled me to interact with the world around me in a way that is practically impossible to accomplish from behind a lens. I have vivid memories of scrambling over smooth granite bedrock and boulders, following the edge of a roaring glacier fed river to a vantage point where it was possible to peer up into the retreating glacier’s valley. I can recall the sensation of standing in a place I had never been, and in all likelihood, would never be again. Once in a lifetime.