Tracy Arm – Ford’s Terror Wilderness: Day 5

A place called Ford’s Terror needs some introduction. The name is a reference to the experience of a naval crew member who, in 1889, rowed a small boat into the narrow entrance of the fjord at slack tide. When the tide began rising, it forced its way through the bottleneck entrance into the fjord. In many areas around the entrance to the fjord, the current is difficult to overcome, but at one point standing waves develop that look fully capable of dismantling a kayak. Ford was trapped in the turbulent currents for the next six “terrifying” hours. During my visit, the intense currents certainly made their impression on me. As a whole, the Ford’s Terror Fjord was beautiful almost beyond description. I hope the images are able to speak for themselves.

Kayak and Backlight in Ford's Terror

In response to a journaling prompt about how to provide for “untrammeled wilderness”:

I think wilderness needs to be provided with protection from humans by humans. The more protection is provided, the less involvement would be necessary in any other way. If you think of “untrammeled” as meaning “not influenced” by human intention, that means we think God made wilderness able to provide for itself. (June 26th)

Slope and Kayaker in Ford's Terror


Fracture Textures in Ford's Terror


Waterfall and Kayak in Ford's Terror

I like to think of myself as unflinchingly optimistic, but when it comes to considering the future of wilderness on Earth, I can’t ignore the track record that we’ve seen since the world began. My thoughts are a mixed bag, and I had this to say from one of the world’s most incomparable wilderness campsites:

In my lifetime nature will continue to deteriorate, meaning there will be less and less area where nature doesn’t reflect the influence of humans and do so in a more obvious way. In spite of this, nature will also continue to inspire, enlighten, fill with awe, and demonstrate the glory of God! (June 26th)

Waterfall Detail in Ford's Terror


Massive Rock Face in Ford's Terror

I will value nature and demonstrate that valuing by my actions. In the midst of the practical value in wilderness, we cannot afford to overlook the fact that nature is beautiful, and beauty is an intrinsic quality that has exceptional value. I will be grateful for nature, and I will encourage others to feel the same gratitude. I will promote the protection of nature from people to do not value and appreciate it, and I will do so right up the the point where if I went a step further in the protection of nature, it would show an inappropriate deficiency in my valuing of people. (June 26th)

Gardens on Scalloped Rocks in Ford's Terror


Forrest Detail in Ford's Terror