I am seeking to share, through photography and writing, the love I have for God and a small piece of the love He has for the world. I endeavor to become ever more deliberate in letting God be my vision, and He has rewarded me in advance through the rich beauty that surrounds me both in the natural world and in my personal life.

Living in Juneau, Alaska for nearly twenty years, my way of thinking and seeing has been molded by the incomparable grandeur of the Tongass National Forest and the glaciers of the Juneau Icefield. The Mendenhall Glacier is a place I have built a relationship with over the years in much the same way you might develop affection for a faithful dog. It continues to inspire my artwork and point my eyes to its amazingly creative Designer.

A teacher by profession, I love to share ideas and information. More importantly I hope to spark young people’s desire to seek knowledge and understanding more passionately. That goal carries over into my photography, where ideally my interpretations of the world can cause viewers to reflect on the significance of the landscape and of ourselves.



Watch for Falling Rocks


Below is a mini-article that I wrote several years ago as I was beginning my photography “business”. It still describes the hopes I have for my art, and I’m sharing it here as something of a vitae.

The “To Know More” Philosophy

Considering that we use our sight as our primary means of gaining information and verifying our ideas, it is a wonder to me how little of the world I see without making a conscious effort.  I have discovered that having a camera with me, even if it doesn’t ever leave my pack, encourages me to experience my surroundings in a way most people miss.

I’ve also noticed that when I take or view a photograph, my interpretation of the subject is forever changed. The goal I have for the photographs I show to others is that they would help you to experience the world in a new and exciting way.  Maybe the next time you walk outside you will be looking for those seemingly insignificant views that make our world such an immensely beautiful place.

Photography helps us to know more about our environment, and the more we know, the more we can appreciate and recognize its value.  We should all do our parts to make sure that photographs don’t become our only means of seeing a beautiful landscape.  Though they may inspire us, to experience the world with all our senses gives us infinitely more than any photograph ever could.

Photography helps us to know more about our creator, to know His unending creativity and attention to the finest detail.  When we learn to really see the beauty in God’s creation, we will learn how much He loves us and rejoice in each day of life He gives us.  Photography won’t solve life’s problems, but it can point us in the right direction.

Photography helps us to know more about ourselves and each other.  Each time I am out in the field I gain a little more understanding of what inspires me, and sometimes I can even figure out why.  When I display a print I’m telling you about what makes me happy, and letting you decide whether you are similar or different from me.  If you purchase a print as a gift, you can be telling the recipient about yourself or about how you perceive them.  Photography is a beautiful way of expressing ourselves to others.