Print Info

I hope that you are blessed by the opportunity to view the images on this site through the use of the internet, but the truth is that nearly all of these photos were originally conceived under the intention that they be presented as “fine-art” prints. While original photographic prints don’t carry the same quality of absolute uniqueness as an original painting, they maintain that special/direct connection with the artist whose vision they represent.

Staying involved with as much of the creative process as possible – from when I pack my camera gear out into the field to when a finished piece of artwork is hanging on the wall of your home – is important. On the other hand, I’m primarily concerned with “seeing” more than I am with printing (not to mention matting or framing). A balance must be found, and I hope the product offerings I’ve chosen will strike that balance.

Signed Prints:

A signed print is the option that allows me to keep the most creative control over the image itself, while allowing you to take control of how you will display that image in your home. I will make the print in my own home before mailing it directly to your home. Modern printing techniques combine specially designed papers and inks to generate prints that are rich in details, full of color, and have excellent longevity. I hand-sign on the image itself, so that the prints originality is without question, and so that it is possible to have a clean boarder around the photo when matting (my preference). When you receive the print, you should take it to your local framing shop in its original packaging. They will be able to provide you with a vast array of mounting options that meet your specific tastes.

Craftsmanship #6

Matting and Framing:

If you would like me to choose matting and/or framing to fit the image and present a finished product that more wholly reflects my vision, I will would be happy to accommodate. For matting, prints will be mounted on an archival board and a single white overmat will leave approximately 1/4 inches of paper showing around the edge of the image area. Simple black wooden frames will be used to provide a “ready to hang” product. Because I don’t have the resources or output level to make in-house framing feasible, I will meet your needs in conjunction with my local framing shop.

Gallery Wraps:

Sometimes either the space where a photograph is being displayed or an image itself require greater size or non-traditional presentation. In that case I’m pleased to offer the option of having the photo printed on canvas, stretched, and coated (ready to hang). In order to provide this product, I partner with West Coast Imaging, a highly specialized professional printer with an exceptional track record. Though I was hesitant to let printing take place out of my direct supervision, I have been astonished at how accurately WCI is able to match my own printed output, and I don’t hesitate to recommend this choice for purchase.

Herbert Leaves