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Still Spring

According to the calendar, it’s still spring for a few more weeks, but according to thermometers here in Juneau it sure feels a lot like summer. Hiking up Perseverance Trail brings back the… Continue reading

Season’s First

While I visited the Mendenhall several times this winter, last week was my first trip to the traditional access point since last fall. I’ve been watching the west lateral edge of the glacier… Continue reading

Chilkat Meltdown

I expected to find a break in the clouds on the horizon at the end of my drive out the road. I also expected it to be considerably bigger than it ended up… Continue reading

A Good Morning

I was excited to share about the trip I took two Saturdays ago since I got home, but life delayed this post until now. The plan was to photograph Gold Creek and Ebner… Continue reading

Falls Perspective

For some time, I’ve been meaning to get out and photograph this subject more often, but this is only the first time I’ve been to nugget falls since last Thanksgiving (though I’ve been… Continue reading

Monochrome Memory

I just prepped this photograph of the Mendenhall Glacier cave for submission to a “little” photo contest at Darwin Wiggett’s LLTL. Check out the submissions there because they are truly exquisite from top… Continue reading

Pressure vs. Inspiration

As nature and landscape photographers (people with a deep appreciation for the natural world), experiencing unique places for the first time is highly valued. Whether it’s sheer granite cliffs glowing in the morning… Continue reading

Funny Trees NP

The first time I ever visited JTNP, we drove in through the south entrance, and I wondered what made this desert any different than the rest of the desert that surrounds it. Then… Continue reading

Be Born Again

It’s a beautiful Easter morning here in Juneau, with low fog and broken clouds, but for some reason the deep snow that melts so slowly around my house keeps the day from really… Continue reading

More Cold

Sometimes a spot lends itself only to a certain type of photography, but glaciers provide it all. There are limitless opportunities for wide angle dramatic vistas, straight abstracts, or something inbetween like this… Continue reading

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