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Learning From Trees

When I was walking back to my car near the Wrangell-St. Elias NP visitor center, I couldn’t help stopping to photograph this engaging arrangement of aspen trunks. While the graphic quality of the… Continue reading

Postcard From the Denali Highway

No, I’m not actually on the Denali Highway at this very moment. I made this image earlier in the summer (before this summer turned into fall) while driving a several hundred mile loop… Continue reading

Blessings to Share

Within the whole glorious scene, I was transfixed by the way the warm light appeared to bring out intricate details in the dark rock of Mt Wrather’s distant cliffs. I stood over the… Continue reading

Reflections on a 26 Glacier Cruise

I didn’t book the 26 Glacier Cruise because I thought it would give me the opportunity to make the greatest photos of my life or even my summer. I certainly didn’t book because… Continue reading

Time For Granite Basin

“Spring” follows a long and roundabout path in the landscape around Juneau. The vibrant greens of newly growing plants first arrive in the coastal forests where the the Pacific Ocean provides those few… Continue reading


The gorgeous weather that has been almost commonplace in Alaska this summer made the first day of my trip up to Anchorage a smashing success. Flight 65’s window seats offered spectacular views of… Continue reading

New Gallery Image – Cave Cascades

I’m excited to be adding a couple new images to the “Mendenhall Caves” gallery. The first image, “Cave Cascades”, is new to the TKM Journal altogether, and I feel like its classic composition… Continue reading


I’ve always said that a hike down the West Glacier Spur Trail to the edge of the ice offers the best “bang for your buck” of all hikes in the Juneau area (the… Continue reading


My two latest trips to the ice-cave under the Mendenhall Glacier have failed to yield a single useful photograph despite hours of effort in the cold and wet environment. As a result, I’ve… Continue reading

Look and See

Last night, as I looked forward to a weeks worth of wonderful weather, I was struck by a perplexing thought. I have no doubt that I’ll be looking for the beauty in the… Continue reading

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