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Don’t Forget This

Sharing this photo was spurred partially by a comment I read earlier today about nature being the true artist. I feel obligated to modify the statement to reflect that God is actually the… Continue reading

Getting Wishful Again

This is what I wish conditions were like at the moment. Instead puddles hide under snow on top of the permanent ice on the Mendenhall Lake, which is a combination that instills just… Continue reading

Only Day Two

Sometimes you’re rewarded just for showing up – just for being willing to put down the computer and enjoy the world that has been created. When I left work and headed to the… Continue reading

Starting Well

It’s true that ending well caries much more significance in most endeavors, but there’s also something to be said for starting well. This year, I have many personal goals, but my main photographic… Continue reading

2012 Summary

This past year saw a distinct reduction in my pursuit of photography, and while that may seem like a disappointment, I have no reason to complain. Less photography only means more time for… Continue reading

Looking for Something

I’ve not been making new photos lately, so I dig into my archive of old images on a pretty regular basis, looking for something. Usually I don’t find anything.

Unveiling the Masterpiece

I’ve shared a huge number of images through this blog over the last couple years, but in this post I’m going to try and give more of the information about the creation of… Continue reading

Walking on Soft Ice

I came home from tonight’s quick trip to the Mendenhall Glacier empty handed…but not with an empty spirit. It felt good to get out on the lake for one of the last times… Continue reading

Kelso Dunes

My lone “exotic location” visit during my spring break trip was to the Kelso Dunes of the Mojave National Preserve. My primary reason for choosing the Kelso Dunes was a desire to find… Continue reading

Revisiting Abstraction

What exactly is an “abstract photograph”? The question has been answered by hundreds or more, and no doubt, many of those who have offered answers are more qualified to do so than I… Continue reading

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