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New Gallery Pages Added

In the last few days, I’ve begun the process of adding image galleries right here on the TKM Journal. The end of the year, and during a break from teaching, is a great… Continue reading

Return to Herbert Glacier

It was a perfect day to visit the Herbert Glacier, so I did. There was no way to know if the light and sky would do what I hoped they would during the… Continue reading

Highlights of 2011

I ventured out across the lake yesterday in an effort to find just one more photograph for 2011 (and to find a spot for a little ice climbing). My only reward was the… Continue reading

Working for Fun

Aware of the company we were keeping, Corey and I made no attempt to hide our grievances against hiking to the end of West Glacier Trail with healthy piles of gear in our… Continue reading

Progress…of Some Sort

I finally made my first submission of images for review to Alaska Stock the other day. It was a step something like five years in the making, and I chose a set of… Continue reading

Sweet September

  Three or four cool, sunny days and we’ve already met our quota for the month before we made it halfway through. It’s been quite a relief after the August we endured here… Continue reading

Not Cool!

My old laptop is, literally, not cool. Its consistently high temperatures have burned through another video card and left me unable to process any more photos for sharing here on the journal. I’m… Continue reading

Rocks in the River

I continue to go to Smith Rock Sate Park looking for the grand view that encompasses the iconic cliffs. There may have been some success in that endeavor this morning, but once again,… Continue reading

Off Again

I’m heading out tomorrow morning to Sunriver, Oregon for a family reunion on Breea’s side. It should be a warm, beautiful, and interesting week. Hopefully there’ll be some time for a little exploration… Continue reading

Swimming Pool?

The above photo summarizes the purpose of yesterday’s helicopter flight out to the glacier. I never would have guessed (even a week ago) that I would see someone scuba diving in a supraglacial… Continue reading

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